The new album is just now being released.
Here are some previous fan comments.

Hi Daniel! Incredible songwriting and music! Great vocals! Fantastic production and sound! It's awesome having the Bissonette brothers on your CD! (Not taking away from all the other fine musicians either! Not only do your songs all have something to say, but that's some mighty fine music you wrote to say it! You can tell that alot of time and talent was put into every song! 'Cause every song's a hit! I'll be spreadin' the good word to all of my friends! All the best and the success! - MadSaj

Your performance at "The French Quarter " was incredible and well worth the 200 mile drive down to Nashville. I almost thought I might not be able to find gas for the 200 miles trip back to Lexington,) Just listening to your "Ode To New Orleans" with Phil Kenzie on Sax, Mark on keyboards, Colleen & Macy doing backup, I believe "Slim" on bass, and your vocals seemingly floating in and out as if caught up by the wind, also, I really like the rhythem you played on your Guild, anyway, it made my birthday seem extra special. Thanks--Keith & Debby

Hello dear Daniel,I'm a big fan of you in China,i love you and your music so much. Your music is really wonderful and your music makes me happy and feel fresh. i love the wonderful music and i'm crazy about your style. You're already my favourite artist in the whole world now. i love your songs so much. You are really so talented,i began to love your music from the first time i heard your song online. Thank you very much and my best regard.

You've got some quality tunes posted here. A great voice too. I love the way your using different types of instruments that normally see little use in this format. They really come out of nowhere and surprise you like an unexpected spice in your food. The production is really outstanding on all the cuts. Congrats on scoring your bass player / drummer combination. They are legends in their own right. Everything about your musical output has a real "top notch" feel to it. Wow that is great music. I love Penelope! You have a new fan in Canada!  
- Roscoe Pardy

Great sounding tunes - glad I found you because now I've found my latest new influence!!  
-  Bill Vinhage

Hello Daniel Glen Timms ! I admire the creativity and want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, I'm your fan. Thanks for inspiring work and giving hope for tomorrow! Who lives for others, giving of themselves. Your creativity is the most beautiful in the world, has the ability to improve, ennoble the human heart and soul. Thank you very much.
Regards Sergey Afanasiev

1 part Jackson Browne, 1 part Beatles, 1 part Nashville
= recipe for a great sound!!! Luv it! -
Richie Allen

Good morning Mister Daniel Glen Timms. I live in Brazil, in the middle of a jungle, the Amazon Forest , at State of Para, so if you take a look at the map, at north of Brazil. The cd is great. The cd is really amazing, fantastic, we really loved a lot your songs, Life´s An Illusion is great. I love your sounds, the way you play your musics, all the instruments very well played. You everything is perfect. God bless you forever, and success in your musical life.
- Antonio Cesar

I'm from Germany, and I'm a great admirer of you and your music!  
- Dietmar

I regret whole heartedly that I will not be able to attend your shows. I live in South Ga. and still recovering from surgery so thanks for the invitation. I have however sent your invitation to several of my friends in Nashville, I used to live there myself. I gave them a heads up about the two shows and hopefully most of them will attend. Your music is absolutely wonderful and I wish I still lived there because I would definitely be there if I did. Hope you have a sellout crowd and everything goes well. - Best regards, 
Frank X.

You really have a great sound---Your songs go from--a great groove to simply a very pleasant experience-- --mood--etc. Love the acoustic guitar on--Stay in my dream. Enjoyed listening very much. - Paul

Thank you Daniel for the beautiful music. I love all your tunes, ODE TO NEW ORLEANS, PENELOPE, BITTERSWEET, GLANCE. Your spanish friend,  
-Fernando Polavieja

You have some awesome, awesome music, don’t know why I had never heard of you. Good luck on your musical endeavor. Great stuff, man! Take care. - Warren 

Great sound! We really like what you're doing. - Lonesome Ride

Whassup Daniel. Great musical talent. Good to see authentic artistry. Peace and Love.
- Mixx-Breed Productionz

You have a very unique sound. Ii especially like "stay in my dream"--great acoustic guitar! - Michael O

I really like your music. Great sound! - Cindy Wals

I'm sure that your new album will be a great job, like "La,la land" or better. Bittersweet and Ode to New Orleans, two of the best songs for me of last years. Congratulations from Spain 
Pedro Crespo

You have some fantastic music. - Nick

I just want to say, your music is perfect! watch your videos and listen to your CDs. It's Great Sir. And... I want to play your songs with my band.
- Nelson Wiefried

I love your music. Kisses from Italy. 
- Raffaella

I listened to your music, and I had very nostalgic feelings.
Your music is wonderful. - Via

Top drawer songs! Best Wishes! - Celine

Been listening to "La La Land"...Man does that tune say it all about the music biz. It's talent like you my friend who should be up there enjoying the lime light. All the best to you and much success. - James

Great tunes! You should come to new jersey and rock some local clubs here!  - White Rabbit

Hey LA LA Land is a great freakin song. Gives me me a smile thinking back to the NRPS song Lonesome LA Cowboy... seems you boys are chewing some of the same dust. Oh yeah and your rhythm section kicks major ass. - Big Greg

Life's An Illusion has been stuck in my Sequoia six disc changer since it's release.
 - Philip D'Antoni

You’ve got some great sounds and thoughtful lyrics, and good laughs with La La Land. 
- Ria

DANIEL, your performance at the french quarter was great! 
- Deborah

Love your voice!! Take care, - Alisa 

I kind of think you have a unique quality that is not quite like anyone I've heard before. - Jeff G

Your songs are so cool. I am fascinated with your music at once. I.S.O.P.

Hey!! I love your music. 
- Monica F. Kimball

I enjoy your music, especially "Bittersweet". It seems to be the flavor of life. How is life in Nashville? Don't be a stranger! - Bri'anna Joy

Wonderful sound and great writing! - Josh

I'm lovin your melodies, Daniel. - Janet

I think you have a very unique sound. It is awesome and I love it! Keep it up bro! 
- Travis Flageolle

All of your songs are excellent! Love how you mix it up. I'll be back to visit. Keep rockin' and take care..Peace~Les

Your music is awesome!!! - Michelle Diehl

Love your music keep on rockin Peace:) 
- Kirsten Kincaid

Love your sound. Cindy-The Rippers

"I like the edge you are creating" "Many good ideas in your songs" "I like your sounds" "Your in a Genre of your own" - The Inseperables

I hope Im home to hear you the 31th, worlwide, quite fantastic, Isn´t It?. Anyway , voice and sound like velvet for my soul! Thx 
Anne Franzen

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