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Rock Times Magazine

Daniel Glen Timms is a fighter! A fighter for his music, for which he already had to break down several barriers. Timms, who is from Louisiana and who played in cover bands there, went to Los Angeles in his early twenties in order to continue working there in the same way. This went well for a long time, until money got very tight and a change was inevitable. He soon got a job in the oil fields, which took him to several states, such as Wyoming, Colorado, Louisiana and also to California. He continued working on his music every free minute he had and even once in Los Angeles, an interested record label asked him to change his complete image and music, and he refused.

Almost exactly six years ago, we were able to introduce the outstanding Life’s An Illusion to you and in the meantime the fourth album Graystone Temple has come out. The fact that the impression at the time did not deceive the author of that praise is now impressively proven by Graystone Temple. Not only did the American record the new album almost exclusively by himself, (only the drummer and percussionist Tommy Harden, a much sought-after studio drummer in Nashville had been brought in) he is also responsible for the production, the engineering and the mixing. Such solo actions always bear the risk of too little distance to one’s own work and thereby losing sight of the bigger picture. This is not at all the case here. The eight tracks are diverse, and apart from that characterized by very good song writing, singing and musical instrumentation.

The songs of Daniel Glen Timms, who lives in his adopted city Nashville, impress through an earthy sound, very catchy melodies and the optimal implementation of acoustic and electric guitars changing in dominance, in addition, depending on the mood, added keys, a mandolin and/ or a lap steel guitar. "Convoluted Days" is such a piece that you cannot help but to start singing along with after a short while. The man from the country mecca proves emotional depth by pieces such as "Wolf" (very strong!) or also "Moved On" (with a brilliant guitar solo). The fate of elephants is near and dear to him, which he emphasizes with the awesome song "Ivory" (he is currently working on the video for the song). "Time Trippin’ Traveler" has a cool rock lick, even though the piece stays more reserved as far as tempo goes and the mandolin takes over the musical scepter after about five minutes.

"Dreaming Raft" begins very quietly, nonetheless with a brilliant melody that excellently carries the spiritual lyrics for the in total rather sparing, almost meditative instrumentation. Very quick, on the other hand, the opener "Workin’ My Time Away," which serves up great swing and already makes you take notice in the first minutes of the album. The ballad "It Would Be Easy" comes last, which perfectly supports the singing of the American with a terrific piano.

The bottom line is that Daniel Glen Timms presents a very strong album with Graystone Temple. Every single song is convincing. It only remains to wish that the man receives the recognition through this album that he deserves. Terrific tracks such as "Ivory", "Wolf", "Moved On" and "Workin’ My Time Away" speak a clear language.

Rock Times Magazine - Markus Kerren - Germany


GAFFA Magazine

It's not every day or every other day that one encounters so-called singer/songwriter releases where everything - poetry, musical craft, vocals - go into a higher unity, and the genre managed with equal parts of personal expression and tradition conscious rootedness. But so it is with Daniel Glen TIMMS. TIMMS, born in Louisiana, and a resident through the years in California, and although it is not easy to put him in any particular musical box, one can speak about a certain west coast sound of the album. Today TIMMS based in Nashville, where his third album was recorded with top-notch musicians like drummer Chad Cromwell, who has previously completed rhythm tracks on major albums like Neil Young's "Prairie Wind" and "Living With War" and Mark Knopfler's "Sailing Two Philadelphia." TIMMS is an excellent finger playing guitarist, lead guitar player and a pleasant vocalist, and last but not least, a fine songwriter with a flair for pop songs with simple poetry: "Wild Blue Ocean/Bring here home to me/Take this Notion/Across this endless sea." Not a revelation, but a beautifully executed piece of craftsmanship.

Espen Strunk
GAFFA is Denmark's music magazine, which is published 12 times a year. You can pick up free GAFFA in music shops, cafes, schools, universities.

Rock Times Magazine

Daniel Glen Timms has delivered with “Life’s An Illusion.” With the songwriting, atmosphere, sound and arrangements, everything works at a very high level. For lovers of Americana this is one of the strongest albums of the year.

Rock Times Magazine - Germany

Billy Bop Magazine Belgium

Remember the good old seventies. Country Rock with some psychedelic influences, a blend of sixties Beatles sound and Nashville country… well if that is your poison, you’ll be certainly pleased with this new album by singer songwriter Daniel Glen Timms. Think Gram Parsons, Big Star; Billy Swan, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Drenched in the sound of the seventies, Daniel mastered his instruments (strings and keys) over the years as well as his ability to create some wonderful tunes. Life’s an Illusion is a 10 piece, self penned collection of songs that are performed here with the help of bass player Mark Hill (Keith Urban, Reba McIntire), Tommy Butler on Pedal Steel and Chad Cromwell on drums (Neil Young). Add to that the help of the Texicali Horns once in a while and you have the perfect combination for the aforementioned sound. “Dream All Day” is by all means the personification of that sound. There is without doubt no other song on this entire album that comes that close to the seventies country rock sound. Leading track "Thirty Thousand Days” is a good up-tempo tune that immediately sets the right atmosphere for the album while “Troubled Son” brings you that long forgotten country sound. “Do It Right” serves you even some added white soul. On “Cumberland” a tune about re-found glory and happiness in peace and tranquillity, the man gives you again a nice up-tempo country rocker.

The overall outcome is once more totally different from what he did before, but the heart of the singer songwriter is still in the middle of everything. With the sound so picture – perfect, an atmosphere one can only dream of and a collection of songs that are truly wonderful. This one has become a favourite of mine since I received the album a couple of weeks ago.

Pattrick Van Hauwaert
5 out of 5 stars

Keys and Chords Magazine

Daniel Glen Timms is bound to be a household name in the Nashville scene if he keeps on making fine records like "Life's An Illusion."

Ivan Van Belleghem - Belgium


There are some albums by new artists that take listeners back in time, and Daniel Glen Timms’ Life Is An Illusion is one such album. It opens with “Thirty Thousand Days,” a song that easily could have been a hit in the 50’s, with a melody reminiscent of Big Joe Turner’s “Honey Hush.” This is the kind of song that makes toes tap, inspiring movement and some air guitar around the two-minute mark.  Next,“Lover Of Herself” takes the listener into the rocking part of the 70’s.  Simple chords and a good harmony vocal with a slightly melancholy lyric make this song a stand out track.  With “Dream All Day” he moves to a strong Sgt Pepper sound from the psychedelic 60’s.  “Do It Right” is a bluesy offering complete with a horns and a wailing guitar.  The country folk “Cumberland” is a fast fun song with a country melody and folk vocal.  Basically, it’s country minus the twang.

As the album continues, the listener is treated to a smorgasbord of different sounds, progressive, psychedelic and adult contemporary.  Two things remain constant even as the style of the songs change: the strength of Timms’ vocals, and the quality of the  musicianship. Timms handles most of the guitar work on the album, as well as piano, keyboard, synthesizers and organ.  Definitely a product of the 70’s, the sounds of that era creep into many of the songs on Timms’ Life’s An Illusion.  But the difference between his music and that by any other artist with a heavy classic rock influence is that he doesn’t strive to change the sound and make it modern.  When you hear his music, it is like really listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Gordon Lightfoot or The Moody Blues.  Timms’ stays true to the sound. It doesn’t need to be modernized, because it is classic and he plays and sings like the best of them.

Another shared element between Timms and classic 70’s rock is the songwriting.  “Luminous Sky” has the progressive rock feel of The Moody Blues.  The arrangement is lush without being overdone, and the lyrics are pure poetry.  “Mother’s loving eyes and the peace of the mystic’s starry night. In the luminous sky.”  After hearing those lyrics it is difficult to believe the song is from an album released in 2011. The tone and the feel of the song speaks of a decade long gone.  The album’s closing track, also the title track, is a gorgeous acoustic song again heavy on the progressive feel along with a heart-melting vocal. The acoustic guitar melody is simple, the kind that draws listeners’ eyes to the player’s hands.

It is clear to see that Daniel Glen Timms is a man with talent.  His songs and arrangements are testament to that. Life’s An Illusion is a gift to its listeners, a timeless album in its songwriting and playing style.  Fans of classic rock will rejoice when they listen.  Daniel gives them new songs with a style of playing and arranging that should never have gone away. These are songs with quality, something that a lot of modern rock music lacks.

When you’ve heard Life’s An Illusion it will stay with you. The songs will become old friends and Daniel Glen Timms will be an artist whose work will soon take up a lot of space on your shelves.

Review by Andrea Guy
Rating: 9/10 stars

Indie Showcase

Daniel Glen Timms has released his latest album called "Life's An Illusion", to the delight of his fans world wide. Daniel is well known for his truthful and insightful lyrics. It is just one of his god given talents. His songwriting comes from a place within his very soul. They are honest and hopeful. Daniel Glen Timms brings his life's challenges, loves, family, wishes, dreams and accomplishments into play when he writes a song. He is diverse in his songwriting techniques, so don't get too comfortable. Daniel can't be pegged down to just one style or genre. This album is a stellar example of that. It is one of the things fans love about his work. "Life's An Illusion's" 10 tracks are without a doubt, some of the best songwriting this girl has heard.

The quality of the instrumentation on "Life's An Illusion" is spectacular. To the trained ear, this album holds many delicious surprises. The Texicali horns, trumpets, trombone and saxophone were an unexpected delight in this brilliant album. The level of expertise spent on all the instrumentation is obvious. Daniel has an ear for perfection and has not disappointed us. It is simply a joy to hear.

Daniel Glen Timms brings us a rich tapestry to be taken away by. His strong vocals and easy laid back style, soothes us one minute, then rocks our world the next. He brings us to where we need to be, want to be. He is the consummate professional, in that he knows how to reach his audience with music and songs, that are current and cool. But at the same time, brings us back to a gentler world, when you could believe everything you heard. Daniel Glen Timms has an amazing gift, an amazing talent and the ability to transfer that on to a CD.

The three tracks I have singled out are :

1 - Luminous Sky- This is a dreamlike track done to perfection, with a 70's infusion. Daniel's strong vocals and brilliant lyrics make this song a sure winner. The harmonies are exceptional, a real treat to the ear. He has spent quality time on perfecting the instrumentation and it shows. This by far, is one of the most remarkable tracks I have heard in ages.

1 - Lover Of Herself - Daniel Glen Timms has nailed this song. The lyrics are astounding. Beautifully written and performed. It has a great hook and brilliant instrumentation right down to the guitar solo. Daniel Glen Timms has done a spectacular job with vocals, just as we have come to expect from this talented man.

3 - Thirty Thousand Days - This is an upbeat, juicy track that will have you dancing and singing along in a New York minute. This has a rock and roll feel of days gone by. Love the use of the trumpet & horn section. It is an absolutely delicious, gritty, rockin success!

* Special Mention*

4 - Life's an Illusion - This track showcases Daniel Glen Timms spectacular ability on an acoustic guitar. Daniel has won us over with his strong song writing and arrangements. Harmonies are splendid.
His style is addictive. This is one of those songs that will stay with you, time stamping your life. Production and mastering raises the bar. But Daniel Glen Timms is a master on vocals. This song is by far, the song to remember. Perfection in motion.

Daniel Glen Timms - "Life's An Illusion" album is out now. If you haven't heard it yet, you will love it. Daniel takes you on a journey not to be missed. He is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, producer and a warm humble individual. He is a blessing for all to hear. He will keep you guessing with his albums. He always surprises us and we love him. Grab "Life's an Illusion" today. It is wonderful!

And That's Just How I See It
Shashona McCall
Indie Showcase


Daniel Glen Timms's third CD, "Life's An Illusion," is his best to date. The quality of every track is awesome. Two of my favorites are "Lover of Herself" and "Troubled Son." Daniel is a singer songwriter that keeps getting better and I believe he will continue to have success.

Mike Holt, DJ, KVVP FM 105.7 Leesville/Deridder/Fort Polk, Louisiana

Logo Magazine

Seemingly indebted to the giants of radio, specifically David Gilmour and Robbie Neville - comparisons evoked by the bell-like purity of his richly timbred voice - Louisiana's Daniel Glen Timms warrants investigation for the sumptuously simple way he arranges his material, material with obvious appeal to those enamoured by Peter Bruntnell, The Mountain Goats and The Czars. Awash with guitars that pulse like thrilled hearts beneath Timms' aching voice and spectral harmonies as diaphanous as gossamer angel wings, the surprises come when he stretches his legs further. The raw roadhouse blues of "Bouncing Off the Moon" holds echoes of Stax alongside the keen passion of Stevie Ray Vaughn. There are more tricks in this bag, all of them equally praiseworthy from this master of subtly nuanced music for the heart and soul.

Gillian Nash, Logo Magazine, London, England

Music Connection Magazine - Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Glen Timms is a strong songwriter who could very well find a solid audience based on his songs alone. While he is not a flavor-of-the-month artist--in direction or scope--he still is someone who deserves a chance to be heard. A fine effort!

Music Connection Magazine's review of the previous demo that lead to the first album--"Top 20 Critiques of the Year" Highest rated "rock" review of the year

Topanga Days Music Festival

Dear Daniel, I wanted to send you and the band my heartfelt THANK YOU for performing at our annual fair in Topanga. Also, on top of it all, being the host band. That really is an endeavor, and you guys pulled it off with flying colors. Everyone really enjoyed your music. It proves to me that a) I made some excellent choices this year and b) that I'm sure I will be picking up some of your CDs in the near future. Mostly though, it was wonderful to finally meet your smiling face that last day of the fair after talking to you for months. You helped to make this year's Topanga Days the quality music festival that our fair-goers have come to rely on and expect. Please let the band know.

Julie Du Bois, Topanga Days Production Team


Everyone can find a favorite in this collection, with enough variety to offer real choices and at least three breakout singles possible. This is not to say, however, that the remaining nine tracks are a drop-off in quality. Rather, the quality is constant and flows from one to the next, bringing the listener on a journey of self-discovery, keen observations and social commentary. In this era of downloading pop singles on mp3's, opportunities are opening for mature gifted artists to find their audience on a worldwide basis. At the same time, with cutbacks from major labels on promotions, radio stations would be well served to harken to independent labels and discover artists like Daniel Glen Timms. Take a listen at www.blueearthrecords.com. It's worth the trip.

Leonard Gray, L'Observateur Newspaper, New Orleans, LA


Blue Earth Records

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